ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Frank Knizza (Sponsored Post)

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Frank Knizza (Sponsored Post)

Frank Knight, also known as Knizza or Frank Knizza, is a Hip-Hop artist and activist who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.

His music is a reflection of the struggles and triumphs of impoverished low-income individuals from all corners of the world. Knight uses his artistry and influence to convey messages of hope, self-determination, and love, inspiring listeners to be more than just another person who does for themselves.


Growing up in multicultural and diverse New York City, Knight witnessed multiple sides of life. He realized that he wanted to be a positive impact on his community and the lives of those who live in similar conditions worldwide. Knight's music is a reflection of his own struggles and triumphs as well as those of his community. He collaborates with a variety of non-profit organizations and fundraisers to provide opportunities to raise money for graduating high school students embarking on their college journey.


In February 2015, Knight released his debut project, "Free Lunch," with producer "The Gonz." The album depicts the tales of his life and influences in the late 90s and early 00s, paying homage to hip-hop culture and the people who raised and inspired him during that time period. In July 2016, Knight released the single "I Kno3," which tells a riveting story of his childhood growing up and growing from his mistakes. All of Knight's music is available on all streaming and downloadable platforms.


Knight has performed at various venues across the United States and France. Some of the notable venues he has performed at include Sony Hall, Chelsea Music Hall, Pianos, DROM, SOB's, Harvard Yard Bar & The Airliner, The What's Up Lounge, House of Blues, and many more.


He has also performed with some of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry, including Jay Electronica, Tech N9NE, Immortal Technique, and Talib Kweli, to name a few.


Frank Knight is more than just a Hip-Hop artist. He is an activist who uses his music to spread hope, self-determination, and love to those who need it most. His message is universal, and his music is an ode to Hip-Hop culture and the people who raised and inspired him during his journey. Frank Knight is a man of the people, and his music is our music and our story as individuals and beings of endless potential journeying to make our statement.


Currently, Frank Knight has several upcoming shows scheduled across the United States, including House of Dank 5 on April 20th, So Far Sounds NYC on April 28th, and So Far Sounds Philadelphia on May 4th, among others.


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