Bill Haney Sparks Heated Exchange with Floyd Mayweather on IG Live

In a heated exchange on Instagram Live, Bill Haney, father and trainer of boxer Devin Haney, didn't hold back in taking shots at boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, sparking a fiery argument that quickly turned personal.

Despite his son's recent defeat to Ryan Garcia, Haney remained unapologetically vocal, directing his disdain towards Mayweather's storied boxing career. The confrontation touched on various topics, from Mayweather's professional record to alleged sparring matches and even parenting.


Setting the tone early in the conversation, Haney suggested Mayweather was a "bullish-t" personality, undermining the significance of his flawless 50-0 professional record. He also brought up claims that Devin had bested Mayweather in sparring sessions.


Floyd: "If your son is undefeated in the gym, congratulations. Congratulations that you got an undefeated fighter in the gym. I'm an under the lights type fighter. Bill, let me ask you a question. What's my record under the lights?"

Bill: "But listen, what's your record in life?"

Floyd: "My record in life is undefeated."

Bill: "Flexing that punk ass 50-0, I'm 50-0 on these streets. I got love in these streets. F-ck your 50-0 with that boxing sh-t, that sh-t don't mean nothing."




Haney's confrontational stance didn't waver, as he continued to assert that professional boxing records held little significance in the grand scheme of things, even in the face of his son's recent loss.

The clash between Haney and Mayweather underscores the intense rivalries and personal dynamics that often permeate the world of combat sports. With both sides unyielding in their positions, it remains to be seen whether this verbal sparring match will escalate further or eventually be put to rest.


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