Boxing Influencer Chase DeMoor Sends Message to Nate Diaz Following Street Altercation and Knockout of Logan Paul Lookalike

Boxing Influencer Chase DeMoor Sends Message to Nate Diaz Following Street Altercation and Knockout of Logan Paul Lookalike

Chase DeMoor, an influencer boxer who rose to fame after appearing on the Netflix dating show 'Too Hot to Handle', has claimed that he was attacked by UFC legend Nate Diaz and his friends after KSI's latest Misfits event.

DeMoor, who is also a former American football player, has leveraged his celebrity status to pursue a career in boxing.

On Friday night, the 26-year-old boxer, DeMoor, had an eventful evening when he knocked out former professional wrestler Steve Knight. However, he was disqualified for repeatedly hitting Knight while he was unconscious on the floor. DeMoor's record as a professional boxer stands at 0-2 after Friday night's events.



DeMoor's night went from bad to worse as he found himself in a ringside altercation with Diaz, who threw a water bottle at him during a melee that was eventually broken up by security. Unfortunately, things escalated when they clashed again outside the arena.

Footage of Diaz choking out a Logan Paul lookalike during the brawl has gone viral ahead of his fight with Jake Paul on August 5. Additional videos from the street fight show DeMoor being cornered by several men who punched him repeatedly in the face while he attempted to de-escalate the situation.








On Sunday, the reality TV star shared his version of the story on social media and issued a callout to Diaz and the individuals who attacked him.



DeMoor said: “This message is for Nate Diaz and all his boys.

“As you can see, you guys finally put some damage on me. I didn’t take any damage in any of my boxing matches and you guy guys had to jump me in New Orleans.

“All of you guys are in the UFC and are MMA fighters and I had to fight your whole team off. You and your crew are the softest boys.

“All those kids on your team, I don’t know how they are in the UFC or have any sort of winning record. You guys have pillows for hands, soft toilet paper for hands.

 The 26-year-old got cornered during the brawl


“You guys are a bunch of wipes, bro, and I can’t wait to watch Jake Paul unalive you whenever you guys are fighting because I’ll be there, and I’ll be there to handle all your goons too just in case they get out of line.”

DeMoor went on to suggest he’d be open to transitioning to MMA for a fight with Conor McGregor’s long-time rival who is expected to return to the sport that made him famous after his fight with Paul.

He added “Nate, if you’re watching this, get yourself locked in a cage with me for five minutes.

“I promise you, I’m going to show you what that 40lb weight difference feels like. You’re soft. Jake, handle my light work.”



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