Boxing legend Carl Froch Mocks Jake Paul in Response to Nate Diaz Fight Announcement

Boxing legend Carl Froch Mocks Jake Paul in Response to Nate Diaz Fight Announcement

Carl Froch has once again taken a dig at Jake Paul following the announcement that the YouTuber-turned-boxer will face Nate Diaz in a fight this summer.

This comes after Paul's first career defeat to Tommy Fury earlier this year in Saudi Arabia, where Fury survived a late knockdown and secured a split-decision victory.

After his loss to Tommy Fury earlier this year, Jake Paul appeared to be heading towards an immediate rematch, but on Wednesday, he surprised many by announcing that he will be taking on Nate Diaz instead. Diaz, who retired from his legendary UFC career last year, is set to face Paul on August 5 in Utah. While Paul has not explained why he chose not to activate his rematch clause, he has stated that he is determined to avenge his loss to Fury in the near future.


As Paul's latest fight poster went viral on social media, former super-middleweight champion Carl Froch expressed his surprise at seeing the internet celebrity continue his boxing career.


Froch took to Twitter with laughing emojis and wrote, "Is Jake Paul still trying to be a fighter?"


Froch and Paul had previously exchanged words on social media when Froch expressed his willingness to fight Paul in interviews. In response, Paul invited Froch to face his former opponent and UFC legend Anderson Silva on one of his undercards. Froch declined the offer but said he might reconsider if Paul defeats Fury.


That didn’t happen and Froch revelled in Paul’s loss to Tyson Fury’s brother in the immediate aftermath of the fight while working as a BT Sport pundit.


He said: “[Fury] has done professional boxing purists a massive favor by shutting up Jake Paul.


“That’s what we thought should happen. It might not shut him up for long, but he can’t call himself a professional boxer because he’s gone in against a novice pro and got absolutely whooped.


“He got obliterated. He wasn’t really in the fight, let’s be honest.”


Soon after, he uploaded a separate reaction video to Instagram.


Froch laughed: “Ha ha ha, Jake Paul, absolutely useless.

“You just got embarrassed, you got whooped, what was that?

“I’ve never seen anything so bad in my life.

“That was terrible, take up darts.”



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