Britney Spears Expresses Shock and Anger After Being Slapped During Dinner at Catch in Vegas

Britney Spears Expresses Shock and Anger After Being Slapped During Dinner at Catch in Vegas

An eyewitness has reported that Britney Spears is visibly shocked and angry after the alleged slap incident.

The pop star's emotional state reflects the impact of the incident.

Britney Spears was visibly upset and agitated after an alleged incident where she was slapped by a security guard protecting NBA player Victor Wembanyama. This information comes from an eyewitness and accompanying photos obtained by TMZ.

The incident occurred outside Catch restaurant at the Aria Hotel on Wednesday night. Britney spotted Victor and approached him for a selfie. Britney claims she tapped him on the back, while Victor says she grabbed him. Subsequently, Victor's security guard allegedly backhanded Britney across the face. The local Metro police have initiated a criminal battery investigation into the matter.

An eyewitness who was dining at Catch when Britney walked in tells TMZ ... as she walked in she said in a "very animated voice" that the security guard "punched" her in the face, as she pointed at the guy who was sitting at another table.

The eyewitness says Britney's security guy went over to Victor's security and asked the guy to come over to her table and apologize. The eyewitness says the guy walked over and said "I'm sorry," and said something to the effect he didn't know it was her when he made contact.


Britney seemed in shock, according to the eyewitness, and angry. She said she couldn't believe it happened and beelined it for the bathroom.

We've learned so far ... neither Victor nor anyone else from the San Antonio Spurs has reached out to Britney, and she is not pleased.

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