Concerns Arise Over Ryan Garcia's Well-Being Amidst Erratic Behavior

In the lead-up to his upcoming bout with super lightweight titleholder Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia's recent behavior has raised eyebrows and sparked worries about his well-being.

However, his father, Henry Garcia, has stepped forward to assure supporters that the fighter is "OK."

Garcia, with a record of 24-1 and 20 knockouts, displayed erratic behavior during last week's press tour, leaving fans and media puzzled. Following the initial press conference in New York, Garcia took to Instagram, posting a video of himself smoking marijuana, prompting concerns about his focus and preparation for the upcoming fight.

The second press conference in Hollywood, California, further fueled concerns as Garcia made unconventional entrances, arriving on horseback and being carried into the venue on the shoulders of his security team. During the presser, Garcia openly admitted to drinking and smoking pot, drawing criticism from his opponent, Devin Haney.

After the second press conference, Garcia failed to fulfill his mandatory media duties for DAZN, leaving a cloud of uncertainty surrounding his well-being.

A post on Garcia's Instagram account claiming he was dead alarmed social media followers, prompting questions about the fighter's mental health. In response, Henry Garcia dismissed concerns, stating, "Yes, Ryan is OK. He's just trolling the wrong way."

However, the fighter's wife, Andrea Celina, expressed a different perspective, despite their recent separation. She posted on Instagram, "If all my followers who are believers, can you please pray for Ryan. We are not together, and I've been in contact with him, and he may seem fine, but he is not. I know in my heart he is being heavily oppressed. This is not a troll; I'm genuinely concerned, and so are all his family members. We want him to get better, but this is real. Pray for him."

The contrasting statements from Garcia's father and wife add complexity to the situation, raising questions about the fighter's mental and emotional state.

Despite concerns and social media speculation, Golden Boy Promotions, Garcia's longtime promoter, has remained silent, providing no updates or comments on the fighter's recent behavior.

As the April 20 Garcia-Haney fight approaches, the focus is shifting not only to the physical aspect of the bout but also to Garcia's well-being outside the ring.


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