Conor McGregor Introduces Son Conor Jr. to Rigorous Boxing Training as He Gears Up for UFC Comeback

Conor McGregor Introduces Son Conor Jr. to Rigorous Boxing Training as He Gears Up for UFC Comeback

Conor McGregor is intensifying his preparations for his highly-anticipated return to the UFC, but he's also finding time to train his son, Conor Jr.

The MMA superstar seems to be in the midst of a rigorous training camp for his comeback bout against Michael Chandler. Although McGregor recently enjoyed a training retreat in Cannes, he has since returned to Dublin, where he divides his training time between Straight Blast Gym and Crumlin Boxing Gym.

Conor is no stranger to bringing his kids, especially Conor Jr, to watch him train in the gym. During a recent session at his childhood boxing gym, Conor Jr was present and even participated in the training.

McGregor, 35, shared images on Tuesday with his 47 million Instagram followers, showing Conor Jr avoiding precision foam sticks and practicing punches with his father holding the pad. Conor Jr, who wore custom-made gloves, displayed surprisingly good technique.

McGregor's caption for the post read, "Young shots, @ConorMcGregorJr."

His fans quickly commented, with one saying, "Future champ in the making," and another remarking, "The future of Ireland." Some referred to Conor Jr's potential UFC future, with one fan saying, "It's going to be biblical seeing Conor Jr in the UFC, with Conor senior in his corner. Long live the McGregor clan."

UFC welterweight Ian Garry, who recently sparred with McGregor, also commented, saying, "WOW! This is everything, and the photos are just amazing. Just wow."

Unlike his father, Conor Jr won't be compelled to fight in order to secure a better future for himself.

But McGregor plans to school his namesake in all facets of mixed martial arts, saying two years ago: "He will certainly be skilled as a fighter.

"He's already skilled as a fighter. He's got phenomenal power and kicks.

"He's going through all the disciplines and he's loving them.

"It's not like I'm trying to put them on to him.

"As time goes on will he want to compete? I'm not sure but he certainly will be skilled to do so."

McGregor hasn't set foot inside the octagon since breaking his leg in his trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier two years ago.

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