Conor McGregor Joins BKFC Ownership Team in Surprise Move"

Conor McGregor has added yet another feather to his cap by becoming a part owner of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships (BKFC).

While fans eagerly await McGregor's return to the UFC ring against Michael Chandler in June, the Irish fighter shocked the world with his latest business venture.


At the BKFC KnuckleMania 4 event in Los Angeles, McGregor made the unexpected announcement during the pay-per-view broadcast. Amidst the action-packed fights, McGregor revealed his partnership with BKFC.



"'The Notorious' Conor McGregor here... Conor McGregor myself and McGregor Sports and Entertainment is now an owner of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships," McGregor announced, adding, "Welcome to the big leagues. David Feldman, baby, we did it."

McGregor's involvement in BKFC comes at a time when the organization is gaining momentum in the combat sports world. While Triller TV remains a majority owner, McGregor and McGregor Sports and Entertainment will hold a significant role in business operations and decision-making.

BKFC president David Feldman expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the fruitful conversations and shared vision between him and McGregor over the past year.Conor McGregor

"We had some unbelievable conversations, some great ideas already exchanging," Feldman said. "It was funny; I was telling my wife, ‘I was dying for Conor McGregor to call me and now the guy won’t stop calling me.’ It’s unbelievable. But he is so excited about this thing. I really think it takes it to the next level.”

While BKFC may not pose an immediate threat to the UFC, Feldman sees potential for competition in the future. McGregor's involvement could bring significant attention to BKFC, further establishing it as a legitimate contender in the combat sports arena.

McGregor's journey in MMA has been marked by highs and lows, including his recent injury against Dustin Poirier. However, his foray into BKFC ownership adds a new dimension to his already illustrious career.

As fans eagerly anticipate McGregor's next move in BKFC and his upcoming UFC fight against Chandler, one thing is certain: "The Notorious" continues to make waves in the world of combat sports.

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