Conor McGregor Lights Up Hollywood, Breaks Amazon Records with Road House Success

Conor McGregor's foray into Hollywood has hit the ground running, smashing records and making waves in the film industry. The renowned UFC star's debut in the action-packed thriller "Road House" has propelled Amazon to unprecedented success.

Starring alongside Jake Gyllenhaal as Knox in the remake of the cult classic, McGregor's performance has played a pivotal role in the film's monumental achievement. "Road House" follows the journey of Elwood Dalton, a former UFC fighter turned head bouncer, navigating the chaos of a roadhouse in the Florida Keys.

McGregor took to Twitter to celebrate the milestone, acknowledging Amazon Prime and MGM Studios for the film's unparalleled success. With a staggering 50 million viewers tuning in since its release on March 21st, "Road House" has become Amazon's most-watched movie to date, equivalent to a box office haul of $750 million.

"Congrats to Amazon Studios and MGM Studios on 'Road House' becoming their most-watched movie of all time!" McGregor tweeted. "In 10 days! Insane! Congrats to all the team, it was a pleasure."

In addition to his on-screen triumph, McGregor made history with his payday for the film, boasting the title of the highest-paid first-time actor ever. Despite the accolades, McGregor's focus remains on his return to the UFC octagon.



Since his last fight against Dustin Poirier in 2021, McGregor has been eager to step back into the ring. Speculation swirls around his next opponent, with Michael Chandler emerging as a likely contender. While details regarding the fight date and venue remain unconfirmed, McGregor eyes a potential slot on June 29th during a highly anticipated pay-per-view event in Las Vegas.



Amidst talks of facing Chandler, McGregor has expressed interest in a rematch with Poirier, aiming to settle the score after their last encounter ended prematurely due to injury. Additionally, McGregor has set his sights on a lucrative third fight with Nate Diaz, adding fuel to the anticipation surrounding his return to the octagon.

As fans eagerly await official announcements from UFC CEO Dana White, McGregor's comeback promises to reignite the thrill and excitement of mixed martial arts on the grandest stage.


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