Conor McGregor Makes Acting Debut: Headbutts Jake Gyllenhaal in Explosive 'Road House' Trailer

And the Oscar goes to ... Conor McGregor?!?!

The UFC superstar displayed his impressive acting skills in the new trailer for the upcoming "Road House" movie featuring Jake Gyllenhaal. McGregor flawlessly took on the antagonist role in his first major Hollywood venture.


Gyllenhaal takes on the role of a former UFC fighter turned bouncer in the remake of the '80s classic "Road House," originally starring Patrick Swayze. From the initial glimpse of the project, it seems McGregor will have a significant presence on screen.

In one scene from the trailer, Conor, playing the character Knox, storms into a bar and causes chaos by smashing tables with a golf club and engaging in a fierce brawl with Gyllenhaal's character, Elwood Dalton.

Conor mcgregor in Road House
photo credit: Prime

The teaser reveals several quick glimpses of different scenes featuring the former two-weight champion, suggesting that McGregor's role is more than just a brief appearance.

Conor praised his own performance when he shared the preview on social media Wednesday, stating, "Fighting, acting, there’s nothing this Mac can’t do! Here’s the trailer featuring my brother, Jake Gyllenhaal, and me going toe-to-toe in the wildest action movie ever – Road House!"

Conor mcgregor in Road House
photo credit: Prime

"My acting debut is gonna leave a mark! Long live Knox!"

Despite Conor's excitement, the project is currently in the midst of some controversy. Director Doug Liman has announced a boycott of its screening at the SXSW festival due to the decision not to release the movie in theaters.

The complete film will be available on Prime Video in March, so get ready for your watch parties, whether you're a fight fan or a movie buff.


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