McGregor's Three-Round Fight Request Against Chandler Denied by Dana White

After a lengthy hiatus, Conor McGregor is set to return to the UFC octagon, facing off against Michael Chandler in the main event of UFC 303.

Conor McGregor's return to the UFC octagon has been eagerly anticipated since his leg injury against Dustin Poirier, but it seems not every aspect of his comeback aligns with his wishes.

While McGregor is set to face Michael Chandler in UFC 303's main event, there's a twist that doesn't quite match McGregor's desires. Despite McGregor's reported request for a three-round bout, UFC President Dana White has confirmed that McGregor and Chandler will indeed square off in a five-round fight.

The decision to deny McGregor's request stems from strategic considerations. McGregor, having been absent from the octagon for almost three years, may have preferred a shorter fight to ease back into competition. However, White's decision ensures that UFC 303, headlined by McGregor's highly anticipated return, maximizes its potential as a blockbuster event.


Chael Sonnen, a UFC commentator and legend, shed light on McGregor's request during a discussion about the upcoming fight. Sonnen revealed that he spoke with Chandler, who confirmed McGregor's preference for a three-round bout. Chandler acknowledged McGregor's request but affirmed that the fight contract stipulates five rounds.



"I just asked Chandler that... 'Hey, are you told this is a main event? Does it say those words in your bout agreement in a text message from the boss?' Chandler says, 'No, it doesn't and I know why you're asking, but it is five rounds. Conor wanted three [rounds]. Conor lobbied to try to get three, and I said, 'So look, that could be because he knows this isn't the main event,'"

While McGregor's return to the octagon is eagerly awaited by fans, White's decision to maintain the fight as a five-round bout ensures that UFC 303 will be a spectacle worthy of the hype surrounding McGregor's comeback.


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