Controversial Twist: KSI's Victory Overturned in Joe Fournier Fight After Accidental Elbow Strike

Controversial Twist: KSI's Victory Overturned in Joe Fournier Fight After Accidental Elbow Strike

KSI's most recent win has been nullified by official records.

On Friday, the Professional Boxing Association made an announcement that KSI's knockout win against Joe Fournier during their exhibition match at Misfits Boxing 7, held last Saturday at OVO Arena Wembley in London, has been overturned. The decision was made due to the finishing blow being deemed an accidental forearm/elbow strike rather than a legitimate punch. Consequently, the official ruling now stands as a no-contest.

For further details, you can refer to the PBA's statement, available here:



“Even though KSI was winning the fight, the blow with the forearm/elbow has been found to be accidental and the obvious disappointment that will follow, it has been decided that the contest is declared a No Decision in accordance with the rules.”

In a swift response following the conclusion of the fight, Fournier wasted no time in expressing his dissatisfaction with the knockout decision, deeming it "disgusting." He promptly announced his intention to file an official appeal to contest the loss. On Monday, Fournier followed through and formally lodged his complaint. Compelling evidence from multiple replay angles appeared to bolster Fournier's assertion, clearly showing that KSI landed an elbow to the influencer boxer's face after staggering him with a right-hand punch.



Initially, KSI stood by the legitimacy of the finish, asserting that the initial damage was inflicted by a legal punch and the subsequent elbow strike was a mere follow-through. However, as the controversy surrounding the fight intensified, he eventually confessed to feeling "devastated" by the situation. In light of these developments, KSI made it clear that he has no desire for a rematch with Fournier.

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