The Deadly Art of Survival 13th Edition: Featuring Lorenzo "The Juggernaut" Hunt!

The Deadly Art of Survival 13th Edition: Featuring Lorenzo "The Juggernaut" Hunt!

Experience the Raw Power of Bare-Knuckle Boxing with Lorenzo "The Juggernaut" Hunt in The Deadly Art of Survival 13th Edition!

Calling all martial arts enthusiasts and combat sports fanatics! Brace yourselves for the highly anticipated 13th edition of The Deadly Art of Survival, the unrivaled #1 Bestseller Martial Arts Magazine Worldwide. Get ready to delve into the intense world of bare-knuckle boxing as we present the remarkable journey of Lorenzo "The Juggernaut" Hunt, the reigning champion of BKFC.

Lorenzo Hunt, an accomplished American boxer and former MMA fighter, has taken the bare-knuckle boxing scene by storm. With an illustrious career spanning several disciplines, Hunt's fearless approach and unparalleled skills have earned him a formidable reputation in the combat sports realm.

Hunt's journey began in 2013 when he first stepped into the cage as an amateur MMA fighter. His inaugural bout against Paquito DeJesus showcased his raw talent and indomitable spirit, resulting in a stunning victory by knockout in the second round. Undeterred by challenges, Lorenzo pressed forward, amassing an impressive record of 6 wins and 2 losses in his amateur career.

In November 2015, Hunt embraced his professional status, captivating audiences with his explosive performance against Garrick James at RFC 35. True to form, Lorenzo delivered a devastating knockout in the second round, proving that his transition from the amateur to the professional circuit was nothing short of seamless.

However, it was in 2019 that Lorenzo Hunt made his mark on the bare-knuckle boxing scene. Stepping into the ring at Dada 5000’s BYB 2: Brawl for it All, he unleashed a powerful right uppercut that left his opponent sprawled on the canvas. This victory solidified his position as a force to be reckoned with in the raw and unfiltered world of bare-knuckle combat.

Since then, Lorenzo "The Juggernaut" Hunt has been an integral part of the prestigious Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), thrilling fans with his unparalleled athleticism and relentless determination. With his recent accomplishments, Hunt currently holds the titles of both the cruiserweight and light heavyweight champion in the BKFC.

As we eagerly await the upcoming edition of Deadly Art of Survival, we can only imagine the exciting tales and insights he will bring to our pages. With his ever-growing legacy and unyielding spirit, Lorenzo Hunt epitomizes the essence of combat sports and serves as an inspiration to fighters and enthusiasts around the globe.

In Deadly Art of Survival's 13th edition, get ready to immerse yourself in the riveting world of martial arts, with exclusive coverage of Lorenzo Hunt's remarkable journey. Gain invaluable insights into his training regime, mindset, and fighting techniques as he shares his wisdom and experiences with our readers. Uncover the secrets behind his knockout power and learn how he maintains his dominance within the ring.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to discover the electrifying world of bare-knuckle boxing through the eyes of one of its most remarkable champions.

Deadly Art of Survival's 13th edition featuring Lorenzo "The Juggernaut" Hunt is set to unveil soon, bringing you a riveting experience that will leave you craving more adrenaline-fueled action.


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