Deontay Wilder's Next Opponent Could Be WWE Star Brock Lesnar

Deontay Wilder's Next Opponent Could Be WWE Star Brock Lesnar

Deontay Wilder is exploring the possibility of a crossover fight with Brock Lesnar, as negotiations for a bout with Anthony Joshua have hit a roadblock.

For some time, there have been discussions about a potential match between Wilder and Joshua in Saudi Arabia. Despite verbal agreements, no contract has materialized, raising doubts about whether Saudi Arabia is genuinely interested in hosting the fight. There have also been reports of Africa being considered as an alternative location.

“I’ll go straight with Brock Lesnar. He’s just size, man. Size doesn’t mean anything. Not all the time. It does take a little bit of skill. It does take a little bit of will and a little bit of heart. But it takes a little determination, and all that’s a recipe. So, I think Brock Lesnar will be way too muscular. So, when you muscular like that, you knock off your flexibility,” Wilder

With Wilder not having fought for approximately a year since his first-round victory over Robert Helenius, he is eager to stay active. Consequently, the idea of facing Brock Lesnar has emerged. Lesnar, a former professional wrestler with a stint in the UFC, presents an intriguing challenge for Wilder. The specific format for such a fight is yet to be determined.

Interestingly, Tyson Fury's upcoming bout with Francis Ngannou will be conducted under boxing rules, despite discussions about the potential for an MMA match against Ngannou. This suggests that a Wilder-Lesnar fight could conceivably take place in an MMA cage. The future will unveil the direction these discussions take.


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