Devin Haney Accuses Vasiliy Lomachenko of Dirty Fighting:  'All of Your Fights Are Dirty'

Devin Haney Accuses Vasiliy Lomachenko of Dirty Fighting: 'All of Your Fights Are Dirty'

Devin Haney and Vasiliy Lomachenko engaged in a fiery exchange of words upon their arrival at the MGM Grand in anticipation of their upcoming fight on May 20th, 2023.

The stakes are high, as Haney risks his undefeated record in a bid to claim the undisputed lightweight titles.

Haney has been vocal about his intentions to showcase his dominance in the ring, even expressing a desire to push Lomachenko into retirement. This animosity between the two fighters intensified as they traded verbal blows. Haney, boasting an impressive record of 29 wins and 15 knockouts, labeled Lomachenko as a 'dirty' fighter.

Despite Lomachenko's attempt to brush off the remark with a laugh, it was evident that the comment struck a nerve, prompting the Ukrainian star to offer a response.



Haney: “We know what he wants to do on the inside. He wants to make it a dirty fight. Slip the jab.” 

Lomachenko: “Where did you see a dirty fight during my career?”

Haney: “You know that’s your best bet against me. All of your fights are dirty, Commey. Punching on the inside.”

Through Haney's repeated accusations of Lomachenko, aged 35, being a "dirty" fighter, he strategically aims to bring the referee's attention to Lomachenko's actions within the ring during their upcoming clash on Saturday night. Haney's intention is to prompt the referee to closely monitor Lomachenko's behavior, potentially resulting in frequent warnings or penalties. Such interventions could disrupt Lomachenko's performance and concentration, providing Haney with an opportunity to secure a victory.

The Haney vs. Lomachenko bout will be broadcasted on Top Rank on ESPN+ pay-per-view this Saturday, May 20th, at the esteemed MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Access to the event is available at a price of $59.99, with the pay-per-view segment commencing at 10:00 P.M. Eastern Time.

“As I said, he can watch a bunch more films on me. I got a lot more tools than just a jab. But like I said, I feel he’s a dirty fighter. I feel like he tries to fight dirty, and he tries to hit you on the break, hit you behind the head, and stuff like that.

"He has the right to feel how he feels, and I’ve got a right to feel how I feel. May the best man win. I’m going to go in and handicap him of his best attributes."


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