Devin Haney Issues Challenge to Gervonta Davis Despite The Latter Being In Jail

Devin Haney Issues Challenge to Gervonta Davis Despite The Latter Being In Jail

Devin Haney has boldly called out Gervonta Davis, expressing his desire for a fight with the fellow boxer.

Haney, the current undisputed lightweight champion, is riding high on confidence following his unanimous-decision victory over Vasiliy Lomachenko. However, his next course of action remains uncertain.

There have been discussions of a potential rematch against Lomachenko, as well as a matchup against Shakur Stevenson. Haney even made a 25 percent offer to Stevenson, but it was declined, as Stevenson believed it undervalued his true worth.

With those options still up in the air, the only other prominent name remaining in the division is Gervonta Davis. However, Davis is currently serving a prison sentence for violating the terms of his house arrest due to a hit-and-run incident.

Nevertheless, Haney's determination to face Davis remains unwavering, disregarding the current circumstances surrounding 'Tank.'

“The biggest fight would be me and Tank [Davis]. That’s the biggest fight. Obviously, that would be the one [I want next],” says Haney

However, it is improbable that the fight between Haney and Davis will take place in the near future. Considering Davis' likely need for a tune-up bout after his release from prison, he would probably seek a less challenging opponent before diving into a major fight.

Moreover, there is also the possibility that Haney may move up to the 140-pound weight class, which would not guarantee a showdown with Davis.

Furthermore, Davis has often insisted on a rehydration clause when facing larger opponents, and it remains uncertain if he would require the same against Haney.

At this point, the prospects of a potential Haney-Davis fight seem distant, with various factors and circumstances needing to align.

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