Devin Haney Shoves Ryan Garcia in Intense Empire State Building Staredown

Tempers flared as Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia faced off atop the iconic Empire State Building, ahead of their highly anticipated showdown at the Barclays Center this Saturday.

The intense staredown escalated into a heated exchange, culminating in a shove from Haney towards Garcia.

The tension was palpable as both fighters, flanked by their entourages and surrounded by reporters, met at the summit of the Empire State Building. Garcia, without a shirt and carrying a backpack, wasted no time getting in Haney's face, repeatedly taunting him about his mother, "Where's your mom, b***h?" he said more than 6 times in 10 seconds.

Haney, growing increasingly frustrated with Garcia's provocations, pushed him forcefully, prompting Garcia to retaliate with verbal aggression before seeking refuge with his team. The altercation, captured on video and shared online, underscored the intensity of their rivalry.



In a post-scuffle interview, Haney discussed Garcia's physical changes, noting his increased size but questioning if it would impact his power. When asked about his own preparation and weight, Haney expressed confidence, stating he felt great and was ready to demonstrate his improvements in the ring.

Haney claimed that Garcia would get "executed" and that he would expose him for what he is "I'm going to expose him, he's a clown, a fraud, he's not the real thing, he don't take this seriously".


Garcia, undeterred by the shove, brushed off the incident, claiming he remained unfazed and even jokingly remarked on the altercation, stating, "I told you I ate that. SCRUMPTIOUS I WANT MORE!"

While some fans speculated whether the confrontation was staged for publicity, Haney's father and trainer, Bill, dismissed such notions, emphasizing the personal nature of their feud. "He disrespected boxing," Bill Haney declared, underscoring the seriousness of their upcoming bout.

As anticipation mounts for their clash at the Barclays Center, the altercation atop the Empire State Building served as a dramatic prelude to what promises to be a compelling showdown between two of boxing's rising stars.


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