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Ex-UFC Champ Tyron Woodley Reaches Out to Ryan Garcia Amidst Boxer's Bizarre Social Media Posts

As the countdown to the April 20 undisputed title fight between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney continues, the boxing world watches with a mix of concern and confusion.

Garcia, who has been known for his flashy social media presence, took a troubling turn with a series of strange posts, leaving fans and opponents alike bewildered.

In the latest round of perplexing updates, Garcia shared an alarming video with a caption that claimed his throat had been slit. This disturbing content raised eyebrows, prompting former UFC champion Tyron Woodley to step in and extend a helping hand.

Woodley, expressing genuine concern, revealed in an interview that he reached out to Garcia after witnessing the unsettling posts. "He sounds like he is crying for help. I reached out to him yesterday, and I said, 'I don't know what's going on. I am reaching out to you to make sure you good, make sure you solid. He is like a little brother. He really a kid. I gotta remember, he's still a kid."

Despite Woodley's outreach, Garcia attempted to address the situation with a video aimed at his fans. However, instead of providing clarity, the video raised more questions about the boxer's well-being.



On Tuesday, after nearly 20 hours of silence on Twitter and claims of limited access to his phone and social accounts, Garcia resumed posting, adding another layer of mystery to the situation. While it could be speculated that Garcia's accounts have been hacked, the persistence of the issue and the boxer's in-person video make the situation even more peculiar.

The unfolding saga surrounding Garcia's social media posts is likely to take many more twists and turns in the days ahead. As fans and the boxing community grapple with the uncertainty, the hope remains for Garcia's well-being and a resolution to the perplexing situation.


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