GM Wildcat Molina | DAOS Legends | The #1 Martial Arts Magazine

GM Wildcat Molina | DAOS Legends | The #1 Martial Arts Magazine

Grandmaster Wildcat Molina, Hanshi,

Born in Puerto Rico, raised in Spanish Harlem, NY. He began martial arts in 1959, in Tang Soo Do. He studied under George Matthews in the art of American Goju-Ryu. He continued Goju-Ryu training under Sensei Chuck Merriman, Sensei Teddy Wong, Grandmasters Aaron Banks and Sanuces-Ryu Jiujutsu under Grandmaster Moses Powell.
Grandmaster Molina is a highly respected fighter having fought in over 1,000 tournament matches. Most notable of all is that he is a World Class Welterweight Kick Boxing Champion, 29 matches, 1 loss and an amazing 23 confirmed wins by KOs. Grandmasters Molina and Apache Cruz trained several championship fighters for the International Sport Kickboxing Association.
After spending many years as a full contact fighter and coach Wildcat has since become a qualified and popular tournament referee with teaching credentials and experience. His two most senior students are Hanshi Frankie Huertas in Orlando, FL and Hanshi Eddie Burgos, in Edinboro, PA. Both his brother, Orlando, and his sister, Wanda Molina, hold senior black belt levels under Wildcat Molina. Wildcat is a ‘Personal Protection Strategist’, available for private classes, seminars and clinics.

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