Grand Master Teddy Wilson Martial Arts Legend | DAOS Magazine

Grand Master Teddy Wilson Martial Arts Legend | DAOS Magazine

Grand Master Teddy Wilson, born in Harlem, New York City, started his Martial Arts training in 1960 and has achieved and been recognized by the ranking and awards listed below:

*International Grandmaster Society Recognition & proclamation to Grand Master Teddy Wilson

*World Head Masters & Sokeship Council

*International Budo Sport Federation

Turkey’s Official President & Representative 2005-09

Head Master 10th Dan of the Shang fu Shang Chinese Karate 2011

Head Master 10th Dan Kaizen Ryu Aikijutsu/Kenjutsu 2012

*World Head Masters & Sokeship Council

Grand Master Certificate 10th Dan 2012

*The Native American Indian Warrior Society Blackhawk band/North Eastern Native American Sacred Hoop Council of Chiefs and Elders appointed Teddy Wilson Grand Head Master 10th Dan of the SanCarlos and Carrado Self Defense Systems 2012

*The World Budo Federation 10th Dan Grand Master 2011

*World Ju-Jitsu/Aiki-Bujutsu Federation appointed 9th Dan Hanshi 2007

*European Association of Daito Ryu/Aiki-Bujutsu appointed 9th Dan Hanshi 2007

*Nippon Yawara Ryu Aiki Jujitsu Renmei appointed 9th Dan Hanshi 2007

*Black Dragon Aiki Jitsu 8th Dan Hanshi 2005

*Turkish Budo Federation 8th Dan Kaizen Aikijutsu 2012

I have been teaching for the past 30 years in France, Spain, England, Germany, Holland, and Turkey, also teaching in the private sector, corporations and the educational level from pre-school to university. I started the Women’s Self Defense Initiative, which encompasses a deep examination of street self-defense for ladies of all ages. I established a physical fitness and body sculpturing company, giving classes in the music and corporate sector. Now living in Istanbul, Turkey, with my family, I still find myself enjoying my teaching and training.

I hope that I will continue to create a sense of awareness toward Martial Arts and a healthy, fit lifestyle for the development of my students, both mentally, physically, and spiritually. If you’re interested in my teaching, you may contact me on Facebook or Instagram as Hanshi Teddy Wilson or Teddy Wilson’s Club Aiki. I would like to give my thanks to Shidoshi Nathan Ingram for thinking about me in such a respectful manner.

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