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Grant Campbell Shihan | DAOS Legends | The #1 Martial Arts Magazine

A True Warrior


Grant Campbell 師範, Shihan, became one of the highest ranked foreign martial artists outside of Japan and the only foreigner to be ranked in the top rankings of the masters division at the most prestigious Martial Arts event in the world, the World Karate Championships held in Okinawa. Campbell began his study of the Martial Arts with encouragement from his father, who had served in the military in Japan and studied the basics of karate and judo in Japan (Okinawa). Campbell has spent extensive periods of time in Japan since his youth. Continuing on his journey of self-discovery, Campbell felt a greater and greater need to share his knowledge. He spent the next several years deconstructing and reconstructing all the techniques and methods he’d studied every exercise, practice, and concept was re-examined and reconsidered. He had one simple goal in mind—to turn all he’d learned into an approach that would demystify karate—and transform it into a path that can be followed by anyone who’s willing.

In 2000, he founded USA Karate in Hollywood, Florida, to help others develop and realize their potential. Having achieved the distinction of World Karate Champion, Campbell is also one of the leading exponents of a small family karate system originating from China (via Okinawa), renowned for its powerful techniques and practical methods. Campbell's personal Martial Arts organization is a private non-political group that attempts to maintain the correct focus and practice methods of karate.

Campbell is an authentic standard bearer of the Ryuei method/system and in 1994 he was appointed one of only six chief instructors worldwide to teach the art. Associated member schools are in Canada, United Kingdom, Jamaica, Mexico, South Africa, Venezuela, and Japan. Grant Campbell is a sought-after demonstrator and his seminars have been well received throughout the U.S. and in many countries. Shihan Campbell is also the creator of one of the first online Martial Arts instructional platforms, “,” with members in many nations around the globe. Shihan Grant Campbell, an International Karate Hall of Fame inductee, studied under the guidance of some of the finest Martial Arts masters in the world and has achieved distinctions that few Americans have ever received.

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