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Haim Gozali's Cryptic Statement on Khamzat Chimaev's Health Update

Khamzat Chimaev's impressive win over Kamaru Usman at UFC 294 may have been a mixed victory.

The undefeated Chechen fighter, with a record of 13-0, is now facing a series of health challenges that might keep him out of action for a while.

Chimaev shared an update on social media that raised concerns. He disclosed undergoing surgery for a hand injury sustained in the fight against Usman and dealing with ongoing skin infections.

The fighter posted:

"I was very sick, my hand was injured, so I couldn’t return right away, I want to tell all the fountains, I want to see myself in battle more than all of you, I love this job, I will do and prove that I am the best, as always we do, and I will be back soon to Insha'Allal training."



Reacting to Chimaev's health concerns, former Bellator fighter Haim Gozali took to his official X handle and wrote:

"The work of the righteous is done by others"

Check out Gozali's post below:



Khamzat Chimaev's rapid ascent in the UFC seems to have encountered a setback, as his recent performances raise concerns about his sustained dominance. In the initial stages of his career, the Chechen-born Swede dazzled with explosive finishes and relentless pressure. However, his recent matchups against top-tier opponents like Gilbert Burns and Kamaru Usman have portrayed a different narrative.

In these high-stakes bouts, Chimaev's victories were hard-fought and lacked the dazzling impact that initially captivated fans. The subdued nature of these wins has sparked discussions about a potential decline in his performance. Former UFC lightweight contender Josh Thomson has expressed his skepticism regarding the continued hype around 'Borz' on the Weighing In podcast.

“I said this the last time I saw him fight: I’m not sold on him yet. I’m not sold on Khamzat Chimaev. Everyone’s like, ‘You’re stupid, you’re being a hater.’ I’m like, ‘No, I don’t care what you guys say.’ I’ve been in the fight game a long, long time. Fighters come, fighters go. They explode onto the scene and guess what? Then they linger around for a little bit hoping to get back on track, and some of them never do, and some have a resurgence."


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