Hanshi Gregory Duncan | Two Generations of Commitment | Duncan Dynasty

Hanshi Gregory Duncan | Two Generations of Commitment | Duncan Dynasty

Two Generations of Commitment


Written by GM Odette Russell


It was a somber cold day on January 26, 2013, more somber than most days in the energetic town known as Atlantic City, NJ. Low energy resonated around Hanshi Gregory Duncan’s demeanor as he struggled with fulfilling his dad’s legacy to conduct a seminar at a mega martial arts convention at the Tropicana. His tribulation had nothing to do with being skillfully capable, Gregory was more than equipped to perform the task — the issue was performing it alone. This was his first public appearance without his father, the late Professor Ronald Duncan Sr., at this particular event. Being the warrior that he was, Gregory had to follow his father’s tradition and perform an eventful seminar regardless of the pain from losing his dad just two months prior. 



Hanshi Gregory Duncan’s martial arts journey started literally from when he was in the cradle. Understanding the importance of wanting his children to carry on his legacy from the time they were born, Professor Duncan, exposed his kids to the intricacy and responsibility of martial arts by the time they started walking and talking. From the age of three, Gregory became familiar with throwing darts as he and his six year old brother, Ronald Jr., would line their GI Joe toys up against the wall for target practice. It was clear they were good as the evidence of dart holes were not in the walls but in their toys. At seven, Gregory recalled being formally exposed to his dad’s martial arts weapons, comprehending from that young age to respect the concept of blades, and other martial arts devices.

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