Sweden's Top Bodyguard Hanshi Magnus Cederblad

Sweden's Top Bodyguard Hanshi Magnus Cederblad

Hanshi Magnus Cederblad

Written by Glen Beck

He’s one of Sweden's top bodyguards, and undoubtedly, he’s the most well-known. His accolades, awards for bravery by peers, and cool under-fire demeanor has earned him his day in the sun and as our featured spotlight in the Warriors of the Velvet Rope. Add in his martial arts prowess and proven fight record; I'd say he's not only a pro but definitely a deadly one.

Bodyguarding isn't a day job that lets you unwind each weekend with cold brews, a sports game on the flat screen, and a cigar or two while chomping on a burger. No, it's a lifestyle you've got to keep up with or fall behind, or worse yet, get killed in trying to protect someone's life with your own. That said, there is no room for poor performance or being second best. The word "oops" or "my bad" doesn't cover a mistake; there are no do-overs. On the contrary, it quickly gets you kicked out of a business that doesn't suffer failure. Ever.

Cederblad has protected some high-end names during his 30-year-plus career. Everyone from Swedish royalty, as in the actual King of Sweden, while working as a private sector protection specialist in 1989 during the world championship in ice hockey in Stockholm, Sweden, to music royalty across the globe. Here's the shortlist: Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Prince, Rod Stewart, Slash, and Sir Paul McCartney. Cederblad has worked in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain and the USA. It would be wise to have his name in your phone favorites for quick access if you ever show up in Sweden or the United Kingdom with a need for safety.

Many years back, a well-known name in the music industry was Milli Vanilli. You may smile about them now, but at the time, they were household names when it came to international stars. Cederblad was on the job during their performance in Germany. Understand that protecting one client can be difficult; two simultaneously move it into the dangerous category.

There are always risks to the job, but huge stadiums offer additional layers to the unknown. The regular craziness that accompanies most music concerts, such as overcrowding, yelling, flashing lights, and lots of anonymous people who get way too close to the clients, can quickly turn a dangerous job into an untenable one.

"Chaos broke out, and I was forced to step in to protect my clients' lives. In front of the stage, a man pulled out a gun. He was standing right next to me, and I managed to grab it when the shot went off. I disarmed him, rushed toward my two clients, and brought them to safety. Luckily the shot missed. Fabrice Morvan had cut his hand open on a piece of glass during the ordeal, and blood gushed heavily; I stopped most of the bleeding and applied a pressure bandage on the wound.

Magnus grew up in Umeå, in Sweden’s north, and in the capital of Stockholm. He's lived in different areas that varied between the working class and middle class during his life. He explained, "I was the one in the family who wanted to discover the world and live my dreams, but my older brother inspired me to start practicing martial arts." He and his brother trained in the Kyokushin karate style. Young Cederblad started training in the mid-70s around the age of twelve. The first Dojo was in "Universum." It was a building that belonged to Umeå University. His first instructor was the famous Ingemar Sköld. He studied medicine at the university and is now a psychiatrist and mindfulness leader.

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