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Henry Cejudo Urges Jon Jones to Pursue Legal Action Against Drug Testing Agent for Defamation

In the aftermath of the troubling incident involving Jon Jones and a drug testing agent, fellow UFC legend Henry Cejudo has come forward in support of Jones, calling for him to take legal action against the agent for defamation of character.

Jones found himself embroiled in controversy after a drug testing agent unexpectedly showed up at his home to conduct anti-doping tests. The situation escalated when the agent accused Jones of making threats, prompting fears for their safety and a hasty departure from the premises. However, Jones swiftly defended himself, presenting evidence, including video footage, to refute the allegations.

Despite Jones's attempts to clear his name, the lingering perception of guilt casts a shadow due to his past legal issues and controversial reputation. This association with wrongdoing is something the UFC legend has long grappled with, adding to his frustration with the situation.

Henry Cejudo, who was deeply disturbed by the incident, voiced his support for Jones and advocated for him to take legal action against the agent responsible for the false accusations. In an interview with MMA Junkie, Cejudo expressed his belief in Jones's innocence and condemned the attempt to vilify him.


"Is Jon Jones innocent? One hundred percent," Cejudo declared. "It's almost like these people want to somewhat create a story because they want to portray, keep going with the storyline that Jon Jones is 'the monster.' From what I saw in the video, and getting a chance to know Jon, I could get frustrating at times."

Drawing from his own experiences with drug testing agents, Cejudo empathized with Jones's frustration and suggested that legal action could serve as a deterrent against similar incidents in the future.

"If I'm you Jon Jones, you know what I would do? I would get her for defamation of character," Cejudo asserted. "I would get her for being a two-faced c*nt, and trying to come at you for something that you really didn't do. I think if anything Jon, you should probably start fighting this and go against them. Make them think twice before they start bringing your name up."

As Jones ponders his next moves in response to the allegations, the backing from fellow athletes like Cejudo underscores the significance of unity and defending against unfair practices within the MMA realm. With the possibility of legal proceedings, the resolution of this dispute remains undetermined, but one thing is certain: Jon Jones is determined not to be silenced despite the challenges he faces.


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