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Ian Machado Garry Strikes Again: UFC's Rising Star Unleashes Wild Trash Talk

Trash talk in the world of mixed martial arts is an art form in itself.

It's not just about what a fighter says, but how they deliver their words that can make or break a moment of verbal sparring. Ian Machado Garry, the undefeated force in the UFC welterweight division with a sparkling 13-0 record, has not only proven himself in the octagon but has also become known for his sharp tongue and quick-witted banter.

Garry, known as the 'Future,' is not one to shy away from verbal jabs at his opponents. He has a knack for delivering lines that feel simple, natural, and far from forced. One memorable instance was his verbal tussle with Neil Magny, who suggested he would handle Garry like he does with his kids. Garry didn't hold back and lambasted Magny, showcasing his verbal prowess.

In a unique move back in 2023, Garry took the trash talk to another level. Ahead of his bout with Geoff Neal, he had t-shirts printed featuring Neal's mugshot from a 2021 drunk driving arrest. Although the fight got canceled due to injury, the matchup is set for UFC 299 in March, reigniting the verbal sparring between the two fighters.

“What am I going to finish him with? I am going to make him quit,” Garry announced in a video uploaded to his social media accounts (transcript via MMA Junkie). “He’ll choose when he’s done. I’d like to kick him to the body and have him do that, when the dog’s s**tting—the look when the dogs look at you, like, when they’re pooing, for protection. That’s what they do, right? Look at their owners when they’re pooing because that’s when they’re vulnerable for attack?”


Despite the opportunity for Geoff Neal to engage in the trash talk battle, the 'Handz of Steel' has chosen a different path. In a recent interview, Neal made it clear that he aims to be the bigger man in this situation. Refusing to add fuel to the fire, he believes that Garry has already faced enough backlash from fans for his past comments and sees no need to escalate the situation further.

“I’m not gonna engage in too much trash talk,” Neal told longtime MMA reporter James Lynch back in January. “I’ve never been that type of person. But, it’s entertaining, you know what I mean? Him talking shit. The fans got my back on this one. I don’t gotta say s**t anymore.”

As for his own prediction on how the fight is going to go? Neal says he feels “like I’m going to take [Garry] out in the second round. Maybe early in the third round.”



As Ian Machado Garry continues to rise in the welterweight ranks, his verbal skills add an intriguing layer to his persona. Whether in the cage or engaging in verbal sparring, Garry's ability to deliver lines with finesse keeps fans eagerly anticipating his every move. The clash with Geoff Neal at UFC 299 is not just a physical showdown but promises to be another chapter in Garry's entertaining verbal repertoire.


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