Israel Adesanya Loses $20,000 Bet on Ryan Garcia's Surprise Victory Over Devin Haney

UFC sensation Israel Adesanya found himself on the wrong end of a hefty bet after Ryan Garcia's unexpected triumph over Devin Haney in Saturday night's bout.

Adesanya, a vocal supporter of Haney, had wagered a significant $20,000 on Haney securing a knockout victory, but Garcia's win by points dashed Adesanya's hopes and drained his wallet.


Adesanya, a vocal supporter of Haney leading up to the fight, had confidently wagered on Haney to win by knockout, sharing his bold bet with his 1.8 million followers on X, formerly known as Twitter.


However, the fight took an unexpected turn, with Garcia securing a stunning victory over the reigning champion Haney. Despite Haney's defeat, he retains his championship status as Garcia exceeded the 140-pound weight limit by 3.2 lbs.


Adesanya, who had hoped to double his money with a Haney triumph, found himself on the wrong side of the bet.


Reacting to the outcome, Haney expressed a mix of disappointment and sportsmanship, acknowledging Garcia's victory and expressing his willingness to face him again. "Alhamdulillah Allah is the perfect planner he makes no mistakes... fought like a true champion. Got up off the canvas & kept fighting. I am 100% ok & would love to do it again while we both make weight," Haney stated on social media.

Meanwhile, Garcia celebrated his victory, attributing it to his faith in Jesus Christ. "I walked through the fire and still held it down and still beat fcking Devin Haney. And [I] still drank every day and I beat him. And I smoked. What the fck?" Garcia exclaimed alongside promoter Oscar De la Hoya.

For Adesanya, this loss follows his defeat against Sean Strickland in September, where he lost the belt he had just regained against Alex Pereira.UFC 300: Pereira vs Hill

Despite the setback, Adesanya remains determined to make a comeback to the octagon, eager to showcase his resilience and skill once again. Fans await his return with anticipation, knowing that the UFC star still possesses the drive and passion that have propelled him to success.


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