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Jadi Tention - Warriors of The Velvet Rope - DAOS TV

Jadi's passion for martial arts began at age 13 after finding inspiration in classic kung fu films. Seeking to emulate the moves and discipline he saw on screen, Jadi dove headfirst into training across various disciplines over the next decade. In Jadi's own words, excerpted from the video:

"My first instructor, I'll never forget my first class - he beat me up so bad I literally couldn't walk or move. But I kept coming back." This trial-by-fire introduction set the tone for the intense training to come. Jadi credits many of his instructors for shaping his development..

The video offers a rare inside look at Jadi's formative years and hard-fought journey through the martial arts world. From humbling tournament losses to finding motivation in his students' progress, Jadi reflects candidly on all aspects of his path.

Now an instructor himself, Jadi strives to pass on the knowledge and positive impact that his mentors provided him. As he continues to refine his own techniques and teaching abilities, one thing is clear - Jadi's heart and mind remain that of an eternally eager student. The full video offers a one-of-a-kind profile of a martial arts master in the making. Click below to hear his full story.

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Great points, leaning knowledge from the cradle to grave.


I’ve had the pleasure of training with Jadi Tention back in the days in one of his Bronx spots a few times and enjoyed his classes and still use his old school training methods today. Jadi the backfist shotgun from the kneeling position and the squating sidekicks are still my all time favorites. Love to see your growth and hearing all the stories of you and Finding Akin “The Grand Master”. Thanks for dropping all the jewels unapologetically. Peace brother.

Alex Echavarria

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