Jake Paul Unveils March Fight Date, 'Euphoria' Star Set to Debut in Explosive Card

Jake Paul Unveils March Fight Date, 'Euphoria' Star Set to Debut in Explosive Card

Andre August is still recovering from the knockout punch last week, but Jake Paul is gearing up for his next boxing match in three months.

The Problem Child just announced a big event, revealing that he will be the co-main event alongside Amanda Serrano vs. Nina Meinke at El Coliseo De Puerto Rico on March 2. Jake's opponent for the Most Valuable Promotions event is yet to be disclosed. Additionally, "Euphoria" star Wanna Walton will also be on the card.

Paul posted on social media about the move ... saying, "Guess who’s back :) … Jake already? Yes, I’m on a mission... But this one is much bigger than me."

jake paul javon walton

"This one is for the greatest Puerto Rican boxer ever, Amanda Serrano. This one is for the people of Puerto Rico, from the Choliseo to the world. This one is for all of boxing to see how powerful women are in this sport and for Wanna Walton to usher in his superstar boxing future in front of 20,000 people."

Jake, with an 8-1 record in his pro boxing career, recently defeated August in Florida on Dec. 15 with a first-round knockout.

Joining the event is 17-year-old Wanna Walton, known for portraying "Ashtray" on HBO's "Euphoria." Wanna has been boxing for most of his life and recently joined Paul's MVP as he aims for a championship career.


"I wanted to go somewhere where I knew that I was gonna be valued, and a place that I knew that they were going to care about me a lot, and a place with a lot of talent," Wanna told TMZ Sports back in August. "Everyone over at MVP is very talented and they've all done such amazing things in their career."

Jake said he's super pumped for the whole event ... saying, "I can’t wait to fight in San Juan and show the world this beautiful island."

"Yours truly, El Gallo de Dorado."

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