Jorge Masvidal Confident in Boxing Skills, Claims He Would 'Break' Jake Paul or Nate Diaz: 'I'd Hurt Them Dudes'

Jorge Masvidal Confident in Boxing Skills, Claims He Would 'Break' Jake Paul or Nate Diaz: 'I'd Hurt Them Dudes'

Jorge Masvidal is confident in his ability to triumph over Jake Paul or Nate Diaz should they cross paths in the ring.

Having announced his retirement from MMA in April after a unanimous decision defeat to Gilbert Burns at UFC 287, Masvidal has dedicated his efforts to expanding his fight promotion, Gamebred Fighting. Despite this shift, the two-time UFC title challenger acknowledges that the irresistible allure of combat continues to beckon him.

“I do miss it but at the same time like, man, I don’t know,” Masvidal said on The MMA Hour. “MMA stuff, because I did that for 20 years. You know what I would like to give a try that would really razzle my blood? Some good old-fashioned boxing. Just because I’ve only got one of those, I wouldn’t mind doing some boxing. Just straight hands, f****** throwing the heaters at somebody’s face, f****** however many rounds. That gets me excited. That gets my f****** blood pumping.”

“I’d hurt them dudes. Bad. I was there live. I saw it. It’s a different speed. Nate’s seen it. You can ask him. You can ask him about the speed. And if Jake was having trouble [with Nate], you know what I’d do to Jake?”

While Masvidal has stepped away from MMA, he remains under contract with the UFC. Consequently, any pursuit of boxing interests would necessitate the UFC's permission. Masvidal acknowledges that such fights are improbable, but he remains unequivocal about the anticipated outcome if they were to materialize.

"I wouldn't step into the ring with Jake," Masvidal asserted. "I've discussed potential matches like that with the UFC. I'm still under contract with them, and any boxing pursuits would require their permission. But in a hypothetical scenario, if we were in a boxing sparring session, I'd break that dude. I'd break him. He couldn't handle my pace, my speed, or my power. He can ask his sparring partner for 10 rounds, Nate Diaz, about me. And Nate? I'd eat him alive. Pow! Done. But I can't, because I'm signed to the UFC, so it's not going to happen. But if it did, pff."

Masvidal, renowned for winning the ceremonial "BMF" championship in his final MMA career victory against Diaz, had a brief rivalry with Paul in the past, with discussions about a potential boxing match. However, the feud was resolved, and Masvidal emphasizes that they're on good terms. Nevertheless, when it comes to competition in the boxing ring, Masvidal firmly believes in his superiority.

"I'm cool with him, but that has nothing to do with competition," Masvidal explained. "I'm cool. If I saw him right now, I'd be like, 'What's up, Jake?' But when we're talking about us in a boxing ring, in something I've done my whole life, you've got no chance, and I can say it because it's America, and you shouldn't get your feelings hurt over it. We're still boys, still cool. What's up? But you want to fight? I'll kill you. You're crazy, bro. Nuts. I scouted you out already that day."

While bound by the UFC contract, Masvidal recognizes the impossibility of these scenarios. Although the UFC has occasionally released fighters to explore other combat sports, it remains uncertain whether they would grant the same opportunity to Masvidal. However, if given permission, Masvidal expresses a strong willingness to jump at the chance.

"I love fighting," Masvidal emphasized. "I love the sport of combat. It's something I understand so well. And to compete? I'd be open with the UFC's permission. If they said, 'Yeah, why don't you get some boxing in because you always had the hands. Let's go,' and they gave me permission? Yeah, I'd go break somebody's face."



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