Kanye West's Name on Israeli Missile, MMA Fighter Claims Credit

Kanye West's Name on Israeli Missile, MMA Fighter Claims Credit

A photo was shared on Sunday by Haim Gozali, an Israeli mixed martial artist formerly associated with Bellator.

The prominent MMA fighter claimed credit for writing Kanye West's name onto an Israeli missile, purportedly intended for use in the Middle East conflict. Gozali has been vocal on the Israel-Hamas conflict, often making controversial comments about the situation.

Haim Gozali

In November, Haim Gozali faced criticism for writing the names of Muslim UFC fighters, including Khabib Nurmagomedov, on a bomb that appeared to be on the front lines. This included fighters who have expressed support for Palestine. Haim seemed to be taunting them.

It's uncertain if he personally wrote the names or had someone in the IDF do it, but he has taken responsibility for the actions.

Haim Gozali

Now, Gozali has posted a new photo on his Twitter account, showing missiles supposedly in the possession of Israeli soldiers, and he's involving Kanye in a very crude and cruel manner.

Above the pic of the missile -- which looks real -- he wrote, "@kanyewest you don’t like us jewish. So  we don’t like you too !!!" The picture itself features a shell with the writing ... "Kanye West Flying to Gaza Haim Gozali." The photo echoes what he'd posted before.

Haim Gozali

Haim seems to have faced a recent ban from X, but he's back now and enjoying the ability to post again. This image is one of the first things he has shared since his return.

Haim is bringing up Kanye due to KW's antisemitic rhetoric over the past year or so. While Kanye hasn't explicitly discussed the war, he has spent considerable time in the region, working on and completing his new album.

Israel Moves In On Gaza

Kanye has not responded to Haim's mention, and it's uncertain if he will.


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