KSI makes fun of Jake Paul fleeing from Floyd Mayweather Jr

KSI makes fun of Jake Paul fleeing from Floyd Mayweather Jr

KSI relished the sight of Jake Paul bolting away from Floyd Mayweather Jr and his posse, in the aftermath of a heated confrontation.

The footage captured by TMZ depicts the aftermath of the unexpected encounter, which occurred following Paul's attendance at a Miami Heat NBA game, subsequent to his defeat against Tommy Fury. The intense exchange between Paul and Mayweather Jr's entourage left the social media personality no choice but to sprint for his life, much to the delight of KSI and many others.

Paul has been calling Mayweather out for years

Reportedly, Paul was only accompanied by one security guard when chaos erupted, so what did he do? Well, he made a run for it, of course!

But the entertainment doesn't stop there. One man who's been relishing in Paul's recent misfortune is none other than his bitter rival and potential future boxing opponent, KSI. He took to Twitter to react to the incident in his own unique style.

KSI could not get enough of watching his bitter rival run from Mayweather Jr

At first, KSI couldn't resist a cheeky dig, reminding Paul of the time he blamed a 'wet dream' for his loss to Fury. "Did you just have another wet dream?" he posted, no doubt trying to get under Paul's skin.

But KSI wasn't done yet. He then quoted the hit song 'Track Star' by Mooski, as he tweeted: "She's a runner, she's a track star..."

Ouch, KSI is not holding back! As for Paul, he explained the situation on his Instagram story.

Looks like the rivalry between these two boxing titans is still going strong. Who knows what explosive antics they'll get up to next? Stay tuned!

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