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KSI Throws Shade at Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Fight with Savage April Fools Post

KSI, known for his fiery presence both in and out of the boxing ring, took a jab at Jake Paul's upcoming bout with boxing legend Mike Tyson in a hilarious April Fools' Day prank on social media.

The British YouTube star, who famously faced Jake's brother Logan Paul in a highly-publicized exhibition match in 2019, has been engaged in a long-standing feud with the Paul brothers in the world of influencer-turned-boxers.

In a bold move, KSI shared a mock promotional poster on social media, announcing a fictional fight between himself and 75-year-old boxing icon George Foreman. The poster boasted tongue-in-cheek details, including five-second rounds and a no-punching rule, poking fun at Jake Paul's upcoming match against the much older Tyson.

"I’m back baby! Fighting 75-year-old legend and former champ. Don’t worry, age ain’t nothing but a number. Foreman hits harder and is faster than ever before!" KSI playfully captioned the post.

While the Paul/Tyson fight has yet to be officially categorized as an exhibition or professional bout, rumors suggest adjustments such as shorter rounds and heavier gloves. However, KSI didn't hold back in highlighting the comedic aspect of the matchup, drawing laughs from fans with his witty prank.

Although KSI's post may have been in jest, it underscores the skepticism surrounding the Paul-Tyson showdown. Despite Tyson's illustrious career, including his recent exhibition against Roy Jones Jr., questions linger about the impact of age on his performance.

While neither Jake Paul nor Mike Tyson have responded to KSI's playful dig, it's clear that the British entertainer has made his mark with his lighthearted April Fools' joke. As the countdown to the Paul-Tyson bout continues, fans eagerly await to see if the aging boxing legend can deliver against the younger, brash opponent.


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