Logan Paul Claims Nate Diaz Backed Out of Potential Boxing Match, Accuses Him of 'Running

Logan Paul Claims Nate Diaz Backed Out of Potential Boxing Match, Accuses Him of 'Running

Logan Paul reveals missed opportunity to fight Nate Diaz

In a recent interview, Logan Paul shared that negotiations for a fight with UFC veteran Nate Diaz were in progress, but ultimately fell through. The popular YouTuber, who transitioned to boxing, hasn't competed since his eight-round exhibition bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in June 2021. While Paul's only professional boxing record was a split-decision loss to KSI two years ago, he has expressed interest in taking on high-profile opponents in the future.

Nate Diaz, who recently ended his 15-year career in the UFC, has hinted at a possible switch to boxing. But he has been relatively quiet about his plans, aside from discussions with Eddie Hearn about a possible fight with Canelo Alvarez.

However, Logan Paul has now revealed that Diaz's team has been in talks with him for a fight, and they were reportedly close to reaching a deal before talks fell through.

Paul told BT Sport: “I think he’s running. This guy, I think he’s ducking.

“We have the sweetest deal for him and he knows the type of numbers I bring in. I’m not a quarter of a million [pay-per-view buys] type of fighter, you’re going to get 750,000 to 1,000,000 buys, and I’m an 0-1 YouTuber. Seems like an easy fight on paper, no?

“It’s Nate Diaz… I don’t even care anymore. I thought I had something locked in and apparently he called and said the fight was off.

“Like, why? Why? So he could fight someone else? For what purpose? To get less buys, and maybe an easier fight? I don’t get it.”

Diaz left the UFC last year

The 27-year-old is still pursuing Diaz and is hopeful he may be able to tempt the former UFC lightweight title challenger by offering him a bit more money.

Paul added: “As far as I know, it’s not dead because we had to f****** offer him more money.

“It’s like we have to bait this guy into fighting me. It’s hard for me to get a fight because either you aren’t worth my time and energy, or you’re not going to sell pay-per-views.

“I’ll do it, but I need a dance partner. And I don’t need a tune-up fight, give me the real dogs. Nate Diaz is a dog. I was looking forward to that fight, then I got a call the other day and they said they didn’t want to do it. It was almost done.

“Let’s recount the facts: You have an extremely healthy deal on the table with the person that, by far, will sell you the most pay-per-views of any dance partner that you decide to go with.

“And I’m an 0-1 YouTuber. Why would you back out of that? I think he’s great, I think it would be a great fight. I think people would want to see that fight.

“He’s tough as hell, obviously, an MMA legend, and can move the needle. I’m just hyper-ambitious, a little delusional, and can kind of box.”


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