Masvidal Faces Costly Gamble: Loses $100,000 Betting on Poirier Over Gaethje

Masvidal Faces Costly Gamble: Loses $100,000 Betting on Poirier Over Gaethje

Jorge Masvidal was a firsthand witness to Dustin Poirier's defeat against Justin Gaethje at UFC 291, where Gaethje claimed the coveted 'BMF' title.

Gaethje's execution of a flawless head kick in the second round resulted in a stunning knockout of Poirier, leaving Masvidal astonished and taken aback. The reason being that Masvidal had placed a daring bet of $100,000 on Poirier's victory, displaying his unwavering faith in Poirier's abilities.

Despite the unfortunate outcome of the bet not going in his favor, Masvidal tried to downplay the consequences



“Dustin looked in the best shape ever, and obviously he’s my teammate, so I wanted the world for him to win,” Masvidal continued. “(I made a wager) that I probably shouldn’t have. I put $100,000 on DP, on Dustin Poirier. Kids, I’m sorry, you gotta go to public school now,” Masvidal

This isn't the first instance where Masvidal has mentioned betting on the outcome of a fight. According to UFC rules, fighters are permitted to bet on themselves to win, not on their own loss.

In the past, the now-retired MMA star had discussed placing a bet on his fight with Kamaru Usman at UFC 251 in 2020. Unfortunately, Masvidal faced consecutive defeats against Usman, and it's evident that the desired outcome didn't materialize.

Considering the results, it's safe to say that his remarks about the bet ended up backfiring on him, leaving him with a less favorable outcome than expected.

“It’s get paid time baby. You know what that means? You know your boy’s a gambler. I gamble on myself more than anything other in this world. Shoutout to those oddsmakers, thank you, I appreciate this payday. Thank you,” Masvidal

Although Masvidal did not address the result of the bet publicly, as it is not clear if he went through with the bet, he has shown a tendency to bet high amounts.

But next time around, perhaps betting a large sum may not be the wisest move.

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