Matt Brown Takes Aim at Conor McGregor: Labeling Him a 'Bum'

Matt Brown Takes Aim at Conor McGregor: Labeling Him a 'Bum'

In a recent video on Michael Bisping's widely followed YouTube channel, UFC veteran Matt Brown openly expressed his revised viewpoint on Conor McGregor.

In the discussion, which also included Bisping and Anthony Smith, Brown didn't mince words about his position. While acknowledging McGregor's previous achievements and the impressive heights he once attained, Brown assertively stated that McGregor's prime days were now in the past, possibly as a result of his own actions.

“He’s a nobody, in my opinion. He was amazing, I give him props for all that he did, but at this point he’s a bum.

“You can headline that, and it won’t be bullsh*t. Conor, I think he’s lost like four or his last five. He hasn’t f*cking done nothing.

“Everything you see, it’s him drinking and getting coked up, or he’s juiced out of his mind. That’s f*cking bum life to me.

“All that money don’t make you not a bum. You’re still a bum to me, bro. When you step in the cage, you’re still a bum to me.”

Their paths also crossed indirectly when McGregor acknowledged Brown after his victory over Court McGee at UFC on ABC 4 on May 13th, 2023.

During his post-fight interview, McGregor expressed his intention to surpass the combined record of 13 knockouts in UFC history held by Derrick Lewis and Brown.

Brown didn’t shy away from the challenge and urged the Irish superstar to step into the octagon with him. However, McGregor swiftly dismissed Brown’s call-out, labeling it a “woeful attempt” to provoke him.

While an actual fight between Brown and McGregor remains purely speculative at this point, their online exchange certainly adds fuel to the fire.


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