(MCU EXCLUSIVE) Denzel Washington Rumored to Have Rejected Major Role in Marvel's 2025 Movie

(MCU EXCLUSIVE) Denzel Washington Rumored to Have Rejected Major Role in Marvel's 2025 Movie

A new rumor suggests that Denzel Washington has declined a major role in one of Marvel Studios' highly-anticipated upcoming films.

Widely regarded as one of the most renowned actors in the industry, Washington's notable works include "The Book of Eli," "Training Day," and "Fences."

Recently, he starred in "The Tragedy of Macbeth," and is set to feature in the third installment of "Equalizer." Although rumors about Washington's potential involvement in the "Fantastic Four" film have been circulating, this recent news may rule him out of the casting lineup.

Denzel Washington Denies Fantastic Four?

According to industry insider Grace Randolph, Denzel Washington recently turned down an offer from Marvel Studios to play the villainous Galactus in the upcoming "Fantastic Four" reboot set to release in 2025 and directed by Matt Shakman. However, as Randolph's reliability can vary, the accuracy of this news remains uncertain.

Meanwhile, rumors have surfaced that Marvel is in talks with Antonio Banderas to take on the role of the world-devourer. It's worth noting that neither Marvel nor Disney have confirmed or denied either of these rumors.

Will Marvel Be In Denzel Washington's Future?

For some time, rumors have been circulating that the infamous Galactus will be the primary antagonist in Marvel Studios' upcoming "Fantastic Four" reboot, with murmurs suggesting that a new herald will accompany him.

While it's disappointing to hear that Denzel Washington may not be involved in the film, there are still many other Marvel characters he could bring to life in the future, such as Professor X or Magneto, or even don a super suit and portray the cosmic hero Blue Marvel. Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan has even shared that he has some ideas for where Washington's talents could be used within the MCU.

However, Marvel isn't the only universe with opportunities for Washington. With James Gunn rebooting the DC Universe, the possibilities are limitless. Fans have suggested that Washington could be the perfect candidate to play Lucius Fox in a Batman project or even provide the voice for a rebooted Darkseid.

It seems inevitable that Washington will eventually join one of these beloved universes; it's only a matter of time.

Marvel Studios' next adventure, The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hits theaters on May 5. The Fantastic Four reboot lands on February 14, 2025.


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