(MCU EXCLUSIVE) Exciting News for Spider-Man Fans: Two Additional Movies Confirmed After 'No Way Home'

(MCU EXCLUSIVE) Exciting News for Spider-Man Fans: Two Additional Movies Confirmed After 'No Way Home'

Sony Pictures producer Amy Pascal has exciting plans in store for Spider-Man fans.

Following the enormous success of "Spider-Man: No Way Home," which shattered box office records and captivated the online world, Sony is forging ahead with the development of two new Spider-Man movies.

While working on projects like "Kraven" slated for release in 2023, "Madame Web" scheduled for 2024, and the enigmatic "El Muerto," Sony is also gearing up for "Spider-Man 4" within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the early stages of development, the film will delve into Tom Holland's portrayal of Spider-Man, as he navigates college life while remaining an enigmatic figure in his world.

Sony's ambitions don't stop there, as beloved characters such as Miles Morales and Spider-Woman anxiously await their live-action debuts. With these exciting prospects on the horizon, Sony Pictures has an exciting lineup of captivating stories to offer fans in the foreseeable future.

Sony Producer Teases Live-Action Spider-Man Stories

Miles Morales, Spider-Woman

During the star-studded red carpet premiere of "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse," Sony Pictures producer Amy Pascal tantalized fans with some exciting news. In an interview with Variety, she unveiled plans for both a live-action Miles Morales movie and an animated Spider-Woman film, both of which are currently in the works at Sony.

While Pascal refrained from divulging specific details about these projects, she emphasized that fans will be treated to a rich cinematic experience. She assured everyone that "you'll see all of it" and emphasized that these highly anticipated endeavors are firmly set in the future.

Adding to the excitement, producer Avi Arad dropped a hint about an upcoming Spider-Woman movie, teasing that its arrival would be sooner than expected. Although he couldn't provide additional information at the moment, Arad's assurance left no doubt that this eagerly awaited film is indeed on its way.

"I cannot tell you yet, but it’s coming."

Arad may be referencing the reported appearances of multiple Spider-Woman in 2024's Madame Webmovie, which is said to feature several "badass females."

On the topic of Sony's animated Spider-Woman animated movie, this may well spin out of Across the Spider-Verse to star Hailee Steinfeld's Gwen Stacy, Issa Rae's Jessica Drew, or perhaps even both. 

Rumors have hinted that Sony holds the rights to Miles Morales for a live-action movie and that the studio was looking into the idea of making a movie centered on Miles, which would be in a separate universe from theVenom movies.

Pascal also teased Miles' live-action debut in March, although she explained that fans will likely "have to wait a couple of years" for that to come to fruition.

When Will New Spider-Man Movies Debut?

Pascal, known for making ambitious promises regarding Spider-Man movies in the past, has sometimes taken longer than expected to bring those projects to fruition.

However, given the upcoming epic journey of Miles Morales in "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse," it seems logical that Sony is actively seeking to elevate characters like Miles and Spider-Woman to more prominent positions in the future.

Fans eagerly anticipate the integration of these movies into the MCU, fueled by the teasing hints of Miles' presence in "Spider-Man: No Way Home."

While these films currently stand behind a few other projects in Sony's lineup, including the highly anticipated "Spider-Man 4," the mere possibility of their inclusion leaves fans in suspense. The anticipation intensifies as both the MCU and Sony's Spider-Man Universe continue to grow and transform, leaving enthusiasts curious about the actors who will bring Miles Morales and Spider-Woman to life on the big screen.

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