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Mike Tyson's Trainer Unveils Strategy Against Jake Paul: 'He Will Panic'

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, known for his powerful punches and imposing persona in the boxing ring during the late 1980s and 1990s, is preparing to make a remarkable comeback.

After retiring 15 years ago, the legendary "Iron Mike" is set to revive his signature intimidation tactics in a highly anticipated showdown against the fearless social media star-turned-boxer, Jake Paul.

Tyson is a boxer with an impressive record of 58 fights. He has won 50 of those, lost 6, and had 2 no contests. Tyson is known for his powerful knockout punches, having delivered 44 knockouts. Facing his formidable fists made even the toughest opponents, like Trevor Berbick, Evander Holyfield, and Lennox Lewis, hesitate before stepping into the ring with him.

Recent training videos have shown Tyson's continued strength, shocking the boxing world. His trainer, Rafael Cordeiro, aims to use Tyson's intimidating presence to unsettle Jake Paul.


Cordeiro, a respected figure in mixed martial arts (MMA), acknowledges the challenge posed by Paul, who confidently announced the upcoming exhibition match on June 20 at the AT&T Stadium. Despite Paul's boxing skills and fearlessness, Cordeiro emphasizes Tyson's unmatched punching power, predicting that Paul will inevitably feel the force of Tyson's blows.

"It's going to be a very technical match because we have a kid on the other side that can box and isn't afraid," Cordeiro conceded. "But Mike has such heavy hands, and it will be impossible not to touch Jake."

The essence of Tyson's strategy lies in instilling fear in his opponent. "Panic. He will panic," Cordeiro stressed. "That's the goal. Our goal is to keep Jake in panic the entire fight. Or for as long as he can take it."



Despite the anticipation surrounding the match, Cordeiro remained coy about predicting the outcome. "Jake will feel Mike's hands, there's no other way, and that's when we'll have an idea of how the fight will go," he remarked in an interview with MMA Fighting.



According to Forbes, Paul is the favorite going into the fight, with odds of -225 compared to Tyron's +170. However, with three months until the highly anticipated showdown, these figures could change. Paul's youth and athleticism continue to attract supporters, much to the frustration of Tyson's loyal fans, who eagerly await their champion's chance to silence the outspoken influencer.


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