Muay Thai Fighter Shayan Heydari Suffers Brutal Broken Nose in Latest Bout

Shayan Heydari found himself in the ring not only fighting for victory but also enduring a dramatic and brutal transformation of his face.

Facing off against Por Tor Thor Petchrungruang, Heydari experienced a nightmare scenario as a thunderous uppercut shattered his nose during the second round of their bout.

The sheer force of Petchrungruang's blow dislodged Heydari's nose from its original position, leaving the Iranian fighter with a horrifying broken nose. Heydari's valiant effort to continue the fight was cut short as he dropped to his knees, protecting his damaged nose from further harm, ultimately resulting in a TKO loss.

Fans were left in shock witnessing the gruesome injury unfold. One remarked, "Free nose job for Shayan Heydari," while another empathized, "My eyes started watering just watching this." The severity of the injury prompted mixed reactions, with some unable to look away despite the brutality of the scene.

Ex-UFC star Darren Till tweeted: “Holy f***ing Jesus Christ almighty and baby Jesus. That was f***ing brutal.”

Even the commentator was stunned by the shot, saying: “He just sent his nose… to another dimension I must say!"



The bout, part of the THAI FIGHT: Pluak Daeng event, saw Heydari valiantly attempting to soldier on despite the obvious pain. However, the fight was ultimately called in favor of Petchrungruang via technical knockout, extending his impressive record to 105-23-2.

Petchrungruang's victory continues his momentum, riding a six-fight win streak following a setback in 2023. Meanwhile, Heydari faces a period of recovery and reflection, with his immediate future in the ring uncertain as he focuses on healing from the devastating injury.


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