Munguia Dominates Ryder with Four Knockdowns, Boldly Calls Out Canelo Alvarez

Jaime Munguia secured a victory by stopping John Ryder in the ninth round after delivering four knockdowns, and he didn't waste time in calling out Canelo Alvarez.

Munguia made an impactful start, sending Ryder to the canvas in the second round. Pinned on the ropes, Ryder faced a barrage of combinations, with a powerful right hand to the body causing another knockdown. Munguia pressed for the finish, but Ryder managed to survive the round.



The fight's narrative unfolded further when Ryder went down in the fourth round. Despite attempting to use his size advantage against Munguia, the Mexican countered with a swift one-two combination, causing Ryder to hit the canvas. Faced with two rounds scored 10-8 against him, Ryder understood the need to assert himself in the bout.



Ryder managed to bounce back in the sixth round, effectively countering Munguia when the latter's jab missed the mark. This brief resurgence allowed Ryder a moment to recuperate, yet Munguia swiftly regained dominance and concluded the bout shortly thereafter.




In the ninth round, Ryder went down twice, but managed to rise to his feet. However, Munguia cornered him on the ropes and unleashed powerful combinations. With Ryder unable to escape, the fight was halted, securing Munguia's undefeated record at 43-0.




The Mexican wanted Canelo Alvarez next, as he and De La Hoya were focused on making that fight. 



“I feel very happy because I worked hard for this. I know that a lot of people didn’t trust me and that’s why I worked harder to prove them wrong. [And] I know that I have to work on my timing in the ring. Last time I threw a lot of punches but I wanted to control my output more in this fight. The truth is that it will be a great fight among Mexicans, and if Canelo wants the fight it would be an honor to share the ring with him,” Munguia said.

“I talked to Freddie Roach right after the fight in the ring and he looked at me and smiled. And he said, ‘This is just the beginning. You wait and see.’ So, I’m excited for Jaime’s future. I’m excited that he made a statement. Along these lines, he added there was now a possibility of Munguia facing Canelo in the ring. That’s the fight to make. September is the fight to make with Canelo Alvarez. And all of you can hopefully push that. That’s the fight in all Mexican showdown. Imagine that,” De La Hoya stated 


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