Nate Diaz Faces 'SURPRISE' Lawsuit Over 2023 New Orleans Street Fight Allegations

MMA star Nate Diaz finds himself in a legal tussle following a street altercation in New Orleans last year, with accusations of the incident leading to a lawsuit for damages.

The plaintiff, amateur fighter Rodney Petersen from Louisiana, has filed a legal claim against Diaz, alleging that the professional fighter attacked him without provocation during an April 2023 altercation.

In his lawsuit, filed recently in Orleans Parish, Petersen accuses Diaz of choking him unconscious and causing him to strike his head on concrete, resulting in a head injury. While the specifics of the injury remain undisclosed, the amount of damages sought by Petersen has not been specified.

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When approached for comment, Nate Diaz's representative, Zach Rosenfield, responded with a dismissive "LOL", indicating the camp's skepticism regarding the seriousness of the allegations. Rosenfield declined further comment, but sources close to Diaz have branded the lawsuit as baseless, suggesting it lacks merit.

Video footage appears to support Nate Diaz's claims of self-defense during the New Orleans altercation. Sources assert that the video shows Diaz initially going about his own business when Petersen aggressively approached him following a Misfits Boxing event in New Orleans. They argue that this aggressive encounter left Diaz with no option but to defend himself.


While Diaz initially faced second-degree battery charges related to the brawl, these charges were later dropped by the district attorney. Throughout the ordeal, Diaz has maintained his stance that he was acting in self-defense during the altercation.

As the legal battle unfolds, both legal teams gear up for what may be a contentious courtroom confrontation.


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