Nate Diaz's New Orleans Street Fight Case Gets Dropped

Nate Diaz's New Orleans Street Fight Case Gets Dropped

Nate Diaz is no longer facing potential incarceration for his involvement in an altercation on Bourbon Street earlier this year, as prosecutors have officially dropped the criminal case against the former UFC star.

A spokesperson from the Orleans Parish District Attorney's office confirmed to TMZ Sports on Monday that the second-degree battery charge against Diaz has been dismissed. However, no additional details regarding the resolution of the case were provided.

In response to the development, Diaz's representative, Zach Rosenfield, expressed satisfaction with the decision. Rosenfield reiterated his belief that when Diaz choked out Rodney Petersen in the midst of the renowned New Orleans street back in April, he was merely acting in self-defense.

"Since Rodney Peterson sought out to fight Nate on Bourbon Street, we have maintained Nate's actions were 100 percent in self-defense," Rosenfield stated.

"It was clear on the video, clear in pictures and clear from the multiple other videos Rodney posted before and after."

"Nate has a right to defend himself against those who want to make a name for themselves and did so," Rosenfield added.

"We appreciate the Orleans Parish District Attorney taking the time to review all aspects of this case and their decision to not proceed with it."Play video content

Diaz never seemed to be too bothered by the criminal case ... he actually joked about it all with Jake Paul in May -- laughing with the YouTuber/boxer at their pre-fight press conference.

Diaz went on to lose to Paul in their match in August.


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