NFL Star Tyreek Hill Eyes Boxing or MMA, Sets Sights on Jake Paul

Miami Dolphins' sensational NFL receiver, Tyreek Hill, is eyeing a shift from the football field to the boxing or mixed martial arts (MMA) arena.

Speaking on the Fully Tilted podcast, the 29-year-old expressed his desire to explore the world of combat sports and is eager to meet with UFC President Dana White to discuss the possibilities.



Hill is adamant about stepping into the cage or boxing ring, stating, "Just take it to the cage, bro. That's why I want to meet Dana White; I want to get in the cage. I want to get in the cage or I want to box." The versatile athlete, known for his speed and agility on the football field, is looking for a new challenge and believes he has what it takes to make a mark in combat sports.

In an interesting twist, Hill has his sights set on none other than YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul as a potential opponent for his debut. Hill, who mentioned his boxing background from his youth, feels confident that his skills are enough to compete with someone like Jake Paul, who has nine pro fights under his belt with an 8-1 record and 5 knockouts.

“My first fight needs to be like Jake Paul or something like that," Hill asserted. However, the challenge for Hill might be underestimating Paul's experience in the gym. Despite the YouTuber's transition into boxing in the past five years, Paul has showcased his abilities and punching power, evident in his recent first-round stoppage of Andre August in December.

While critics may question the wisdom of Hill targeting Paul as a potential opponent, the allure of a high-profile showdown may be too enticing for both athletes to resist.

As Paul gears up to face boxer Ryan Bourland on Saturday in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the possibility of a future clash with Tyreek Hill adds an intriguing layer to the evolving landscape of crossover fights between traditional athletes and combat sports contenders.


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