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Oscar De La Hoya Challenges Dana White to Fight: Potential Co-Main Event with Garcia vs. O'Malley Crossover

Oscar De La Hoya, former Olympic boxing gold medallist and legendary champion with 11 world titles in 6 weight divisions, has set the boxing world abuzz with talks of a sensational comeback.

Retired for nearly 15 years, the 51-year-old Golden Boy is itching to lace up the gloves once more.

In a recent appearance on 'The MMA Hour podcast,' De La Hoya threw down the gauntlet to UFC president Dana White, proposing a blockbuster crossover fight. The boxing icon is willing to step into the ring with White under one condition - a bantamweight clash between boxing sensation Ryan Garcia and UFC's Sean O'Malley.



De La Hoya envisions a marquee event where Garcia takes on O'Malley in the main event, with the Golden Boy himself squaring off against Dana White in the co-main event. Despite acknowledging that he and White may not be on speaking terms, De La Hoya expressed a willingness to entertain the idea.

"I would actually entertain that because Ryan can fight in the main event with this kid. And maybe I could do Dana on the co-main. We're cool. I mean, I don't know if we're cool. I don't even talk to the guy," De La Hoya quipped during the podcast.

While the likelihood of such a crossover event remains uncertain, De La Hoya's challenge has sparked interest among fans and the combat sports community. As a boxing legend, his potential return to the ring adds an intriguing chapter to the ongoing trend of high-profile crossover matchups in combat sports.



Whether Dana White accepts the challenge or not, the idea of seeing the Golden Boy back in action has certainly stirred excitement among those who witnessed his illustrious career. The stage is set for a potential comeback, and fans await the unfolding of this unexpected and captivating storyline in the world of boxing and MMA.


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