Punchline Warriors: Dana White working with Adam Sandler to create a brand-new UFC comedy.

Punchline Warriors: Dana White working with Adam Sandler to create a brand-new UFC comedy.

The UFC is actively working on expanding its media offerings with an upcoming behind-the-scenes documentary and a comedy project in collaboration with Adam Sandler, both revolving around the world of MMA promotion.

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, UFC president Dana White shared this exciting news. He was prompted by a question about Conor McGregor's recent documentary, McGregor Forever, which achieved impressive viewership on Netflix, securing a spot among the top 10 most-watched programs. While McGregor independently pursued his own deal for that particular documentary, White revealed that the UFC is currently in the process of developing its own documentary series. Fans can anticipate its release later this year.

“It’s not easy to just whip out a documentary and do it,” White explained. “But we’re doing a deal right now with Roku where we’re filming a documentary behind the scenes of the UFC, that will come out later this year. [It’s about] the whole business. You guys will see all the behind the scenes.”

In addition to the documentary, White also revealed an exciting collaboration with Adam Sandler to create a comedy centered around the UFC. While specific details were not extensively discussed, it appears that Sandler is involved in the development of a scripted program, which holds the potential to evolve into a sitcom. The exact nature of this project is yet to be unveiled, leaving fans eager to discover the creative direction it will take.

“We’re working on that [documentary], we’re also working on a show right now with Adam Sandler that’s a comedy about working in the offices of the UFC,” White said.

Adam Sandler honored with Mark Twain Prize for American Humor : NPR

Happy Madison, the production company associated with Adam Sandler, played a role in the creation of the 2012 film Here Comes the Boom, featuring Kevin James, which also centered around the UFC. During production, the UFC granted permission for the use of its name, further solidifying the connection.

It's worth noting that Sandler is also represented by William Morris Endeavor (WME), which happens to be the owner of the UFC. This relationship creates a familial link between Sandler and the UFC, adding an interesting dynamic to their collaboration.

Moreover, White is involved in various television ventures beyond his role at the UFC. He is a co-owner of Thrill One Sports and Entertainment, a conglomerate overseeing properties such as MTV's popular clip series, Ridiculousness, hosted by Rob Dyrdek. Additionally, White hinted at plans for a new reality show centered around the extreme sports series Nitro Circus, further expanding his television portfolio.

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