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Ryan Garcia Calls on 50 Cent to Walk Him Out for Haney Fight Amid Diddy Feud

Ryan Garcia is making headlines once again, this time by publicly reaching out to rapper 50 Cent to accompany him to the ring for his upcoming bout against Devin Haney.

The move comes amidst 50 Cent's ongoing feud with Diddy, with Garcia seemingly picking sides in the drama.



Garcia's call-out to 50 Cent comes amidst a storm of controversy surrounding Diddy, who is currently facing sexual misconduct allegations and a federal sex trafficking investigation. 50 Cent has been relentless in his attacks on Diddy, using social media to poke fun at his rival.

In response, Garcia has engaged in his own brand of trolling, wearing a shirt during training that featured an image of Haney alongside Diddy in a pool, insinuating potential wrongdoing. Despite Haney's denial of any involvement, Garcia has continued to fuel speculation with unfounded allegations.

Now, as the fight with Haney draws near, Garcia has extended an invitation to 50 Cent to join him for his walkout on fight night. In a social media post, Garcia tagged 50 Cent and expressed his desire for the rapper to be by his side,

"@50cent would be awesome if you walked out with me 4-20," Garcia said ... while adding a new homophobic slang term involving Diddy's name.

"Let's do this!!!!"

This latest move adds to the already colorful buildup to the fight, with Garcia making headlines for his outspokenness and controversial statements. Despite previously pledging to focus solely on the sport and the fight itself, Garcia's social media activity has been anything but subdued.

It remains to be seen how 50 Cent will respond to Garcia's invitation, but one thing is clear: Garcia is unapologetic about his support for the rapper amidst the ongoing feud with Diddy. As the tension continues to mount, fight fans can expect an electrifying atmosphere when Garcia and Haney finally step into the ring.


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