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Ryan Garcia Drops Diss Track After Boxing Victory: Stirring the Pot or Building a New Career?

The aftermath of a big win can sometimes lead to unexpected moves.

And for Ryan Garcia, that meant dropping a diss track aimed at his recent opponent, Devin Haney, after their bout. Let's dive into the story.

Fresh off his victory against Haney, Garcia took to social media to unleash his lyrical prowess, dropping a diss track that raised eyebrows across the boxing community. Before Kendrick Lamar could even respond to Drake's diss tracks, Garcia jumped into the ring of musical feuds by releasing a track aimed squarely at Haney, whom he defeated in a bout that didn't count for a title due to Garcia's weight issue.

While some fans found it amusing, others questioned the timing and necessity of the move, especially considering the fight didn't count for a title due to Garcia missing weight.

The track itself follows the typical formula: a catchy trap beat, boasts about the win, and a few jabs at Haney's expense. But despite its predictable nature, it managed to stir up some buzz – albeit with mixed reviews.



Garcia's post-fight antics don't stop there. He's been making waves in the boxing world by inserting himself into various beefs, including the ongoing feud between Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis. Garcia didn't hesitate to join the fray, stirring the pot with some controversial comments about Davis and Mayweather's daughter.

But Garcia's foray into the world of hip-hop isn't new. He's no stranger to crossing over, having previously called out rapper 21 Savage for walking Haney out to the ring. The irony? Garcia had his sights set on none other than Kanye West for his own entrance music.

It's clear that Garcia isn't afraid to ruffle some feathers and stir up controversy. While some may see it as mere trolling, others recognize it as a strategic move to get inside his opponent's head. Whether it pays off in the long run remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure – Garcia knows how to keep things interesting.

As we await news of a potential rematch between Garcia and Haney, one thing's certain: the drama is far from over. Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving saga.


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