Sean Strickland Confronts Machine Gun Kelly, Brands Him 'A Weird Dude' Face-to-Face

Friday turned out to be quite eventful for former UFC champion Sean Strickland.

After confronting streamer Sneako and issuing intense remarks to Jake Paul on an online platform, Strickland found himself in another face-off – this time in person, with music star Machine Gun Kelly.

The encounter took place at the star-studded Power Slap event held at Durango Casino & Resort in Las Vegas, and a snippet of the exchange was captured on video by Inside Fighting. Fortunately, the altercation did not escalate into physical confrontation.

Although the reason behind the clash remains unclear, Strickland was heard labeling MGK as "weird" and making comments about his clothing. While walking away, Strickland turned back to add, "I'm easy to find, vampire man."


Before the video of the incident appeared on social media, Strickland shared on X that there was an altercation between him and MGK.

“I almost hit a vampire tonight… lol!” Strickland wrote. “They said his name is machine gun kelly.. How do you have a dope ass name and dress like a 13 goth south park character?!?”



Following the conclusion of the Power Slap event in Las Vegas, UFC CEO Dana White was asked about the altercation at a news conference.

“You can’t bring Sean Strickland around any other human beings,” White said after a lengthy (and laughter-inducing) pause. “You know what I mean? It has nothing to do with Machine Gun Kelly. It’s about humans.”

The first post on X was just the beginning. Strickland continued by mentioning MGK's fiancé, Megan Fox, in another tweet. Even the movie "Transformers" got mentioned by the former champion.





MGK has not said anything publicly about the argument yet.


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