The Friendly Neighborhood Hero, Meets the UFC Champion!

The Friendly Neighborhood Hero, Meets the UFC Champion!

‘You blew me away’ – Spider-Man star Tom Holland in awe as he meets Leon Edwards following UFC 286 win over Kamaru Usman.

Tom Holland, famous for his role as Spider-Man, was utterly blown away after seeing Leon Edwards's triumphant victory at UFC 286. His performance against Kamaru Usman left Tom in total awe and admiration and he praised him for it.

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Last August, the Englishman made history when he scored a stunning head kick knockout against Usman, who was then the reigning 170-pound champion of UFC 278.

Edwards was deemed the underdog for their UFC 286 rematch, but to everyone's surprise, he managed to pull off a win with a majority decision. He indeed proved that he is a force to be reckoned with, especially against 'The Nigerian Nightmare'.

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At the age of 31, the fighter still managed to secure a win despite receiving a point deduction during the match. The scorecards from all three judges read 48-46, 48-46, and 47-47 respectively at cageside in London.

Holland was one of the many celebrities at the UFC’s first British pay-per-view show since Michael Bisping defended his middleweight title against Dan Henderson seven years ago.

At the UFC event, the 26-year-old was pleasantly surprised when they ran into the star of the show backstage! The moment was captured and shared on social media, making it even more special.

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Edwards joyfully yelled out "Spiderman!" as he hugged the world-famous Hollywood actor, Holland, who congratulated him for his successful defense of the welterweight title.



Holland said: “Brilliant, mate. Congratulations… You blew me away, bro.”  

The 170lb king admitted he was feeling a bit worse for wear after going 25 minutes with Usman but was adamant he was never going to lose on home turf.

After a little bit of chit-chat, Holland again congratulated Edwards and they posed for a photo before going their separate ways.

The British fan favorite headed to his post-fight press conference where he learned that Colby Covington is next in line for a shot at his title.

Edwards voiced his wish to face the victor of Burns vs Masivdal right after his win but was let down to discover that Dana White wasn't in favor of it.

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The UFC boss says Edwards vs Covington is next

“I don’t know how that makes sense,” he said after a media member informed him White wants him to face Covington later this year.

“He hasn’t fought for over a year-and-a-half. Sat out. Not injured. I don’t get how he just slides in for the world title shot when there are other guys in the division that have been active and fighting. Didn’t sit out.

“I’m the king now. I’ve earned my way, so I feel like I should decide who’s next.”


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